Wedding advice: Five Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding DJ

Five Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding DJ

Your first dance could be your favourite wedding memory.  Many of these memories on your wedding day hang in the balance when it comes to who’s providing your entertainment.  Will the song you chose be played?  How will it sound?  Should the Disc Jockey ramble on about whatever he chooses as the closing verses occur?  These are all worrisome questions you may be thinking about as your wedding day approaches.  Let me assure you that hiring a disc jockey is an important task; however your concerns will be fewer if you do a little research into the hiring process.

“Your decision can be based on personality, ethical business practices or gut feelings.”


First and foremost it’s best to meet in person whomever you hire.  Since most disc jockey’s music libraries are huge, you will rarely find musical reasons to hire one DJ service over another.  It’s best to find one through referrals from others who have had the pleasure of working with them.  Your decision can be based on personality, ethical business practices or gut feelings, or you could compare DJs and make a decision based on these differences.


Your first dance could be your favourite wedding memory.

Here are five things that I do to distinguish myself from my competitors.


  1. Music knowledge: I have many genres of music and listen to them all in various forums: radio, internet, streaming sites and satellite services. Listening to as much music as possible enables me to better judge a crowd and adapt my song choices as opposed to simply playing from a pre-set wedding list.  I am familiar with music keys and am a piano player at heart, which reflects in the way I blend certain songs together using composition and BPM (beats per minute) to raise excitement levels.
  2. Audio editing: I use mixing software and have a dexterous sense of hearing to beat match songs. There is never dead air in between songs and the constant flow ensures your guests are engaged and enjoying themselves. Recording memorable messages from a bride or groom’s parent and replaying them for the bride is one way that I edit special dance songs.
  3. Professionalism: I am licenced through Connect Music and am a member of the Canadian Professional DJ Association (CPDJA). Through an online software system (DJ Event Planner) I utilize forms, contracts, invoices and planning tools to help my clients prepare and feel confident about the job that I will do.
  4. Speaking Skills: You never want to have that entertainer who goes overboard on the microphone and says inappropriate things. As your MC everything I say or announced is pre-planned and practiced to assure you that there will be no surprises at your wedding.  I am a member of Toastmasters International with recognitions in Communication and Leadership. Also, I’ve attained microphone skills through professional workshops and I have experience in speaking in front of large audiences.
  5. Dedication: When you hire me, I will work with you to make sure all of your expectations are met. This is a full time career for me and there is nothing else I love better than entertaining. I am involved in the community, providing my services to organizations such as The Canadian Cancer Society, Juvenile Diabetes and Angels in Pink.  Being a community leader is important to me because it’s incredibly rewarding.

“My vision is to provide a professional entertainment service that creates memorable moments for my clients, guests and partner organizations.”

Capturing these memories is essential; making them happen is my ideal. By taking time to research who you will be hiring for your wedding it will ensure that you establish expectations and are satisfied with the service delivered.

Ritchie Rich