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I’m DJ Ritchie Rich, Mobile Disc Jockey and avid EDM fan from Sudbury Ontario Canada.  Follow me on social media Facebook Twitter & Instagram.

As an international Disc Jockey I represent DJ2GO, an EDM enthusiast who attends serveral festivals and I have a soft heart for Gypsy girls as well as twerking. My podcast Thursday Thumps airs weekly, check it out:

Music is my life…so why not blog about it 🙂 – Ritchie Rich

Music, events, weddings and more...a blog describing who I am, what I do and where I am headed.

Top 100 DJ’s 2015

Well the controversial Top 100 DJ’s reveal has come and gone.  The yearly list published by the UK magazine DJMag ranks the best DJ’s in the world based on popular voting.  Most Electronic Music listeners believe it is nothing more than a popularity contest, with artists paying for multi million dollar  advertising campaigns to get votes.  In my opinion the list is flawed as some of the best DJ/producers in the world have been left off the list.  The Top 5 were:

















I voted and there is not much criteria to the application except choosing 5 of your favorite DJ’s, you can even add your own name in if you’d like. Now of the 5 that I selected only was was not on Top 100 list.  That was North American DJ duo The Chainsmokers based out of New York.  I’ve slowly warmed up to them and their DJing antics (you can read most of them by following their Twitter feed @TheChainsmokers).  You might remember their first single #selfie that exploded onto the billboard charts a years ago, and since then they have made major waves with releases such as Roses, Split (Only U), Let You Go and Until You Were Gone.  Most of these releases I have featured or played on my show Thursday Thumps over the past year.  I’m attracted by their love of fun, over the top chemistry.  They seem to enjoy performing and when they record their songs reflect that.  It’s really unfortunate that they did not reach the Top 100 but I’m still a huge fan and have been following them on such shows as their Youtube EDM 15 hosted on SiriusXM  channel 51 BPM.  Check out The Chainsmokers latest release called Until You Were Gone.



Location! Location! Location!

It’s all about the location! No, I’m not talking about your venue or reception hall. The bride & groom will surely be able to handle that decision without their disc jockey. However, discussing where to have your DJ or dance floor set-up is just as important as selecting the seating chart for your guests. Imagine having your grandmother placed beside a 1200 watt speaker with music screaming from it. Also having your dance floor 20 feet from your entertainment, accessible only by jumping over your grandmother’s table. These are all areas of concern when planning the location of your disc jockey or entertainment. Let’s discuss this very important aspect of wedding planning and consider sound placement, dance floor proximity and equipment requirements. There have been many times when I have set-up for a wedding after realizing that the location of my booth was overlooked. This is an important but forgotten area in wedding planning. First of all your music entertainer will be providing sound for your guests. This includes using a sound system with speakers, and having them placed appropriately will increase your guests’ enjoyment of the music provided. A guest table that is positioned directly beside or in front of a speaker will create aggravation and discomfort due to loudness. Make sure there is sufficient space for your guests to sit and enjoy the music. Second, the proximity of your dance floor to the DJ or entertainment is crucial because ensuring your guests will have a fun experience requires them to interact or participate. Just as it is exciting to be in front of the stage at a concert, the entertainer needs that same feeling to perform and feel the energy from the crowd. The last area of concern involving equipment is more technical than any other planning consideration, so I won’t get into too much detail with this. Having a dedicated 15 amp circuit breaker to plug into is the most concerning requirement. A certain amount of power is required to provide proper sound. Sure, there are always extension cords available, however the longer the cord the more resistance there will be in the wire. And thus, the amperage that the wire can carry is reduced, causing a loss of power through resistance. With a disc jockey or entertainer using superior sound equipment, having proper amperage will ensure the equipment performs at its best. Considering sound placement, dance floor proximity and equipment requirements, will ensure your disc jockey or entertainment can provide an exciting party. Always discuss this important aspect of wedding planning with whomever you hire to entertain at your reception.

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