Public Failure

On this blog, I show vulnerability and admit to making a mistake.  It's how we learn and grow as business professionals.

Choosing The Ring

I’ll be honest: as a DJ, I don’t know a thing about engagement rings.  There are so many questions and so much to consider!  And with so many options out there for buying an engagement ring, the days of going to your local jeweler and picking the perfect ring on the first shot are slim.  Check out this beginners guide to purchasing engagement rings.  

The First Dance

In 2016 I had numerous choices from my clients in regards to their first dance. From classic to contemporary, rock to country, and waltzes or slow dances the tracks they chose were all a personal choice to demonstrate their love for one another. The couples enjoyment in gazing at one another is truly a spectacle of love. I've put together here all the song selections in 2016 from my wedding clients first dances.