engagement ring

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So, you’ve decided it’s time to pop the question to your sweetie.  Good for you!  The engagement is such a special time in a couple’s journey, one that is surely to be remembered.  Perhaps you decide on a small, intimate proposal at home with just the two of you.  Or maybe you opt to get down on one knee at a special gathering with family and friends.  Or maybe you’re thinking bigger and more extravagant: a hot-air balloon ride over the countryside, writing their name in the sky, huge fireworks that can be seen from afar – hold on a second Romeo!  These are all great ideas, but are you forgetting something first?  When you present your special someone with the invitation to spend the rest of your lives together, how about also presenting them with a token of your love and a symbol that you mean business?

That’s right, did you forget about the ring?

Now, not all couples choose to have a ring from the get-go.  Some opt to get engaged then go ring shopping together.  Some buy the ring together, and then one partner presents it to the other at a later date.  But many people still choose to secretly buy a ring and give it to their loved one as a surprise (how romantic!!).

When you decide to start browsing rings, what should you look for?  Just like people, each ring is different and there are so many options out there!  It’s a good start to find out your Honey’s ring size.  If you can, sneak away a ring that they wear on their right-hand ring finger and trace it on a piece of paper.  You can then take that to a jewelry store and have it measured to get the closest size.

Sizing: check!

Now how about the ring itself?  What kind of metal would your sweetie most prefer?  What kind of stone (diamonds aren’t all girls’ best friends!)?  What shape?  What style?  How big should the stone be, and how much should you spend on it?  How true is the old adage that a ring should cost “at least a few paycheques,” and what are some budget-friendly options?  There are so many questions and so much to consider!  And with so many options out there for buying an engagement ring, the days of going to your local jeweler and picking the perfect ring on the first shot are slim.

I’ll be honest: as a DJ, I don’t know a thing about engagement rings.  I know love songs (check out my Wedding First Dance Songs here), but rings?  Not a clue.  Luckily, QC Event School has put together this handy little guide to choosing that special ring for that special someone.  It covers everything from cost to clarity, from colour to customization.  Check it out and garner some ideas before you head to the store.

Beginniers guide to choosing the engagement ring

And as you’re planning this wonderful proposal, make some notes about the particulars.  One of the features that I offer my clients is the Love Story.  In the weeks before your wedding, we’ll sit down together and I’ll conduct an interview about your journey as a couple.  We’ll discuss how you met, your relationship dynamic, how the proposal happened, and why you two are perfect for each other.  I record this interview and edit the footage to play during your reception for all your guests to see.

If you have photos or video of the proposal that adds a beautiful touch to the whole story.

Now you’re ready to choose the perfect ring and plan that perfect proposal – so that you can spend the rest of your life with that perfect someone!  How perfect!