Admit defeat, learn from the experience, and succeed.

I believe in being public with failure.

Admitting mistakes tells people you’ve got nothing to hide.  So here’s one of my mistakes – When I first started DJing, I once played a song from the “do not play list” of one of my clients. The wedding planner, a close friend, who also worked for this client still teases and jokes with me about this error. I was unprepared. It was embarrassing and unprofessional.

But now I have a plan: It is a requesting software that helps make lists:

Once you are a client of mine, you can head to my website at, scroll down a tad and click on ‘client login’. You will receive a username and password in which you can use to sign in. From there, for music lists, go to ‘Plan My Event’. This allows you the client, and me your DJ, to ensure that mistakes like the one mentioned at the beginning of this blog, never occurs again. One can select what songs are must plays, played if possible, dedication songs, songs you want played if only requested. There’s also a ‘Do Not Play’ list that can be created.

When I made that error of playing from the “Do Not Play” list, I quickly changed the song and apologized to my client.  Admitting failure, admitting our mistakes is not a sign of weakness. My business is all about relationships and trust. The strength of a relationship is not how perfect it is, but how resiliently it deals with failures. Having a DJ event planner helps my clients and I to work together to minimize the failures. With this blog I hope to show you my ability to admit defeat, learn from the experience, and succeed.

We live in a fast world, in real-time, thanks in large part to social media. And because of this type of world, our ability to hide from failures is nearly non-existent. We are better off admitting when something is wrong and addressing it. I did, and when I did I searched for a solution and found the DJ event planner. It has been a productive assistance to my business ever since.


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